Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday morning we did our usual run for water and groceries for the workers.

We then caught the bus in Mancora to Chiclayo, a six hour bus trip. Our architect, Koki, was celebrating his 38th birthday and wanted us to be there.

Koki has a wonderful family; a beautiful wife and two very beautiful daughters; ages 9 and 2. His wife and daughters have some very unusual pets; two tortoises, two iguanas and a monkey. They are all very much in love with the monkey. However, the monkey doesn't like Koki and the feeling is quite mutual. The monkey has gone so far as to pee on the papers on Koki's desk.

What's he supposed to do? He loves his wife and daughters, so he puts up with it.

So, I decided, he needed a pet of his own. I settled on a pet rock, which was made famous during the 1970's as a fad that came out in March and pretty much finished after Christmas of the same year. It still made the inventor a multi-millionaire.

So...I made a box to carry the pet to Koki. I also made a small rug the pet could sit on. I actually found the eyes in the local market in Los Organos and glued them onto a local rock. All of which I presented to Koki last night.

I asked Koki to sit down and the music was turned off. I then explained why I thought he should have his very own he could enjoy for himself. I then extolled the virtues of his new pet; how it responded to the sit command, never whined or made any noise; wanted attention, but never demanded it...etc. Everyone there was so intent on what was in the carrier.

Koki laughed a hearty laugh as he looked into the box and pulled out the pet rock. Mind you, Peruvians have never heard of a pet rock before. This was a bit out there for them. We all had a good laugh and enjoyed our time celebrating Koki's birthday!

We took the bus home today. I slept the entire way. We arrived in Mancora at about 5:30 this afternoon and had Victor, a local car service driver, pick us up and bring us up to El Nuro.

We are happy to be "home" and settled in quickly. This location has become our spot; our place to be; and the place where we enjoy our lives together. Soon, we will be able to enjoy it with those of you who choose to visit.

Thanks for following our blog and sharing this experience with us!
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  1. Too funny! Glad he enjoyed it...and I know you got a kick out of creating his pet...and he can use it on the monkey should it pee on his papers again! We had a veterinarian who had a pet monkey. The girls in the office complained about the "monkey mischief" that happened whenever he left (for lunch, to go to the bank etc.). Dr. thought they were just making it up because they didn't like the monkey. One day he forgot something and went back to the office unexpectedly...and caught the monkey in the act of his mischief! =)

    Melissa Brown was asking me at school today about you and if your new home was "paradise". Of course, I had to say that it was for you. I told her about your blog and told her I'd show her how to get on may get another follower! Love ya!

  2. We talked to Koki on Friday. He said he had put the pet rock on his desk and that it had "watched" him all day. He said it made him smile.