Sunday, March 28, 2010

28th March 2010

Being Sunday, it was a quiet day here. No construction work happens and most of the workers head to town for the day. Even so, we did our usual water and grocery run in town. Living in El Nuro, this daily trip also entails our own personal shopping. It is so nice to be able to get everything done in one run!
This morning as we headed into town, we encountered Perico at the intersection of the PanAmerican highway and the road into El Nuro where his truck broke down. He transfered some of his fish to a refrigerated truck headed to Talara. We then hooked him onto our bumper with a strap and towed him to his home in Los Organos.
Caroline and Doug went riding while I stayed in El Nuro and loomed. He and Caroline had a great ride and I started another bath mat on the loom.
We had water delivered today. We went through about 5000 liters in a month. We have not been particularly frugal in the shower. If we shut the water off after getting wet, then lathered up before rinsing off, we could probably make the water last an extra week.
We had a great ginger chicken dinner tonight. Sometimes it is a serendipidous result of what's left in the cooler.
No pictures today. It is a full moon though so it is lighter at night than usual. Yes, a full moon, and we are moving again. It seems like everytime we move, it's a full moon. We've been here a month, and we're moving back to Jay's.
It will be interesting to see how Georg and his family and friends fare out here during Easter week without a refrigerator and with the electrical problems we've encountered.
Tomorrow will be packing day; then off to Jay's for the next week. It will be nice to be back at Jay's as Caroline is there and we'll have a great time with them. We hope they will come out to see what is going on here with the construction. Caroline should see some major changes as they haven't been out here in more than a month.

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