Friday, March 12, 2010

12 March 2010

Wow, it's hard to believe we are in the middle of March already! In less than one month, Bruce will be here to install the cabinets in the kitchen and the master suite.

The crew worked hard today getting the forms built and ready for pouring cement tomorrow. This first picture shows them working on the columns for the living room. There are three more columns on each side that will have to be poured before they can work on the kitchen floor and the dining room which will cantilever out over the piano room/bar.

This next picture shows them building the forms for the cement beams around the studio. The roof from the master suite will continue out over the studio and the walls will be glass.

The brick layer this afternoon began putting the smooth cement finish on the inside of the pool. He did this one wall after lunch and started on the end wall by 5:30. He's fun to watch as he is very fast and very particular; a perfectionist. And he just keeps plugging away.

These guys diggin the trench for the septic system weren't very excited about their job. The digging is hard because of the rocks, and the sun and heat are relentless. You'll notice a lot of these guys wear long sleeves and long pants, and sometimes have T-shirt over their heads. They tell me that dressing this way is cooler than short sleeves and shorts...I haven't tried it out to see if this is true.

This evening we went back to Jay's to have dinner with him and his parents. Tim and Connie have been here for three weeks and tonight was their last night. The return to Lima and then Canada tomorrow and the next day. We've enjoyed meeting them and spending time with them. Now that Jay has decided to stay in Peru, maybe we will see them again.
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