Friday, March 5, 2010

Last night, I got half a shower before we ran out of water. I had a trickle to be able to sponge off most of the soap on my body, but the shampoo....well, towel dry and that's all you can do. This morning we had no water, but left for Chiclayo at 5:00am. We gave Sanchez instructions to call for water and also gave him money to pay the truck. Even with all the hassle, we are still happier here because of the location and the tranquility.
We arrived in Chiclayo about 10:00am and ate breakfast at Koki's home with his wife and two daughters. After breakfast, we began visiting tile stores. As we looked, Koki kept track of what we saw that was interesting. I also took a photo of each, so we could review later. We would see one we liked, and Koki would say, "where do you want it?" We would respond with "it depends on the countertops and granite we find." After the third or fourth store of tile, we insisted on going to see what was available for granite.

This tile we selected for one of the bungalows. We brought a log bed down with us and will put it into the "rustic" bungalow.
This tile looks blue, but is actually white. It has a "sandy" texture to it which we thought would be great for the bathrooms. Definitely, non-slippery. We have visited many locations where the tiles have been smooth and therefore quite slippery. They looked very nice, but I was always a bit leery about slipping and falling. This flooring will definitely take care of any slippery worries.
This is the piece of countertop we chose. It isn't actually granite, but a man-made material that is anti-microbial. It does has the feel and the characteristics of granite.
And, of course, with our taste, is even more expensive than granite.

We were surprised at the limited selection of granite here. There was only one store in Chiclayo that displayed granite and we were told that there wouldn't be anything different in Lima. These were the choices available in Peru. So, we decided to install granite only in the kitchen. The countertops in the bungalows and in the bar would have to be tile. The tile for these countertops however, is made large enough so one tile will cover the countertop.
This piece of marble is what we hope to get for the master bath sink countertop. They told us that if it was available, the variations in the stone could be different, but we still thought it beautiful enough to work with.

Late in the afternoon, we met up with Koki's wife and had a great lunch at a local restaurant that was a favorite of their's. The food was excellent and the company was even better. Koki's wife is a very classy young woman and very personable as well.

Once we had visited all the stores, and taken pictures of any tile we thought we might use, we retired to the hotel for the night. We spent a few hours looking through catalogs and trying to firm up our choices.

We finally watched some tennis on the TV in the room. I took a jacuzzi bath with some kind of oil or honey the hotel had provided for it and Doug took a boring, normal shower. It was a relatively early night, as we were tired after an early start, and a day of running here and there.
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