Friday, March 5, 2010

5 March 2010

This morning was a leisurely morning in the hotel. Our room was air conditioned, so we enjoyed the coolness until late in the morning. We had breakfast at the hotel's buffet before venturing out.

We went to Koki's office to use his computer to view the pictures we had taken of the tiles and countertops. In this way, we were able to look at the colors next to each other and decide whether they worked. It turned out to be a great system as several changes were made. We were happy with what we had chosen and figured out a plan for the house.

Koki wasn't too sure about some of our choices, but after seeing them together, he agreed they would work. As we were looking for tiles, Koki was very adamant about certain hues and making a change in the tile for different levels. We insisted on some, to his chagrin, and gave in on others. In the long run, we decided to let him totally design and choose tiles, colors, etc. for one of the bungalows. He definitely has some interesting and beautiful designs and this would give him an opportunity to put his ideas into practice.

On the way home from Chiclayo today we saw these guys riding in the back of a truck; they are seated in plastic chairs and look very comfortable indeed. We often joke about how many people Peruvians can get into a vehicle. In this case, it was the comfort factor that took precedence!

Once we were back at the property, we were able to see the kind of progress they had made over the last several days.

In this picture, they have completed the columns for the master suite. The one wall you see that they are working on is part of the master bedroom. The lower level will be my studio.

On the right hand side, you see them working on the circulation "room" for the swimming pool.

This picture shows the forms being built for the master suite. The wall in the center is the termination of the bedroom on the upper level and the studio will start on the lower level and extend out to the farthest post. It looks like they will be pouring the foundations and footings for the bedroom portion soon.

Meanwhile, the brick layer is working on the walls of the bungalows. One bungalow is completed as far as the brick walls go. The second one is being worked on here. The third one hasn't been started yet although the footings have been dug.

This evening we went into Los Organos and picked up three "Pollo a la Brasas" and took them to Jay's in Vichayito. Jim and Daniella will leave for Canada tomorrow and so this was their last chance to socialize before leaving. We had a great dinner, and a rather contentious political discussion. We left fairly early and getting back to El Nuro to find the water had been delivered.

Tomorrow afternoon we will take Jim and Daniella to the bus in Mancora as they are returning to the Yukon for their summer of work. We will miss them as they have become great friends. We look forward to their return in October of November.
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