Saturday, March 6, 2010

The construction crew poured more concrete today. They poured the footings for the master suitre out to the wall which will be the back of the studio. They also finished pouring the walls for the recirculation tank of the pool.

You can also see them digging out the footings for the columns of the living room. Once they get those columns up, I think we will have another visible spurt of construction. The first spurt was when the walls went up and it began to look like a building. This next part will be more difinitive as to parts of each building.

Our good friends, Jim and Daniella, left today to travel back to Canada for their summer and work. We went up to their house this afternoon and shared a couple of beers. Then we helped them finish getting their house ready for eight months of vacancy. They have this red volkswagen convertible bug that they've named "Spanky." (As in Spanky and our Gang.) This they also prepared for storage and moved into the downstairs of their home. This downstairs is where they have been living while the upstairs has been finished. The downstairs will eventually be Jim's shop and the upstairs will be an apartment. Eventually, they want to build a home separate from the current structure; but for now, this is what they have.

We then took them to the bus station where they caught the bus to Lima. They will be missed here. We look forward to their return in October and their retirement, and thus full time residency, in the future.
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  1. So glad I have seen the plans! It is much easier to recognize what things are as you describe them, knowing the plans. Looks like things are moving along well. It was fun seeing the tile choices - I'll bet you can't wait to see them in the house!

  2. No kidding. I think the project will take another three months. Realistically, from start to finish, it will take six or seven months. Being off the beaten path has made it difficult to get supplies and workers.