Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is the life! Sitting outside weaving and listening to an audiobook. I have the best view of all!

I actually didn't get much time outside weaving today since I went back to bed shortly after we returned from our food and water run. I ended up sleeping hard until after 2:30 this afternoon. I've been trying to keep a sinus infection at bay so maybe this will help the cause.

This being Saturday, the workers only worked half a day. Several of the went into town this afternoon; and a few took the bus home to Chiclayo to visit family. They will be back on Monday, along with the maestro and two more workers.

The workers poured two more columns for the living room and also the beams for the studio. The bricklayer finished the far end of the swimming pool and put wavy lines in the cement. We suspect this is to provide a good bonding with the grout for the tiles.
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  1. Hope you are feeling better! When I look at you at the loom, I think, "the yarn piano". =)

  2. I like that! The piano and the loom are therapy for me. Each in its own way. You know me soooo well.