Wednesday, March 3, 2010

02-03 March 2010

So, this is the culprit; the refrigerator that was in the house that didn't function. This was what we wanted to replace.

Yesterday, we loaded the new refrigerator back onto the pick up and took it back to Talara. Our salesman in Paita told me that everything was arranged so there would be no problem returning it in Talara. What he failed to tell me was that we would have to drive to Paita to get our money back. Since we had bought the refrigerator in Paita, the money was there. So, it was a full day driving to return the refrigerator and then to collect our money.

We are told that gas refrigerators are no longer made in Peru. However, a friend of ours says he knows a place in Piura where we can buy one. We will see. Meanwhile we live without refrigeration.

The workers were working on pouring the cement for the mechanical room for the pool (on the right) and the recirculation tank (on the left). Notice that one guy is down below, and the line of workers carrying 5 gallon buckets of cement hand him one bucket at a time. Everyone is in continuous motion. I think there were five or six guys hauling the buckets in a continuous stream.

Later this afternoon, we watched them pour the columns for one side of the master suite. Once again, there was one worker at the top of the column pouring in the concrete that was delivered to him by a continuous stream of workers. It is amazing to watch; they are so coordinated and make it seem effortless.
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