Monday, March 22, 2010

22 March 2010

This photo was taken late in the afternoon yesterday. Much of the sky was cloudy, but this one spot. This was the sun shining on the hills as the sun set below the clouds. The landscape constantly changes!

The winter here (Dec-March) is the rainy season. In some areas, the brown desert has sprung green grass and many of the trees are bright green now. Coming from Oregon, I have to say all this is relative. We may have had two to three inches of rain here all winter. The green landscape here is more like Eastern Oregon during the fall. None-the-less, we find it beautiful and enjoy the changes as time goes by.

We woke up to this scene this morning. All the black dots in the water are pelicans. They are a usual sight here, but I can't remember ever seeing so many of them peacefully floating in the water. Generally we see them skimming along the crest of the waves, diving from up above or flying overhead. It was a bit eerie not to see any in flight....I thought of how animals sense things before something happens, like an earthquake or a storm. These seemed so peaceful, it was hard to imagine they were anxious about anything. They spent much of the day there.

As far as the construction goes much has been accomplished in the last few days. Here they are pouring the footing for a column on the lower level of the kitchen/living room. Besides the columns for the back wall of the piano/bar, this is the last column to be poured for both master suite and kitchen/living room. The workers have begun making the forms for the concrete beams along the roof line in the master suite. All of this is part of the first phase of construction which covers the foundation and all the concrete work. The walls still need a finish as do the floors.

The real question is; will they be ready for the cabinets to be installed on the 9th of April? 18 days away; including Sundays.....

Doug is standing in our kitchen overlooking the project...a favorite pasttime these days. The rebar in front of him is for the wall at the back of the piano room/bar and the last two columns. Once these are in place, they will be able to do the kitchen floor and perhaps the walls.

The roof should start in about a week and a half. We shall see.......

Koki, the architect visits again Wednesday and we have our list of questions to ask. It sure is easier to keep track of everything while we are living next door than it was when we traveled out to the property once, maybe twice a day.
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  1. I'm feeling the pressure with you...18 days really puts it in perspective. They have done so much, but there appears to be soooo much more to be done. At least all the hand digging is done, isn't it? I'll be anxiously watching, hoping it goes the way it needs to be done so the cabinets can be installed...pretty exciting!

  2. Karen, winter in North America is during December till March. During these months in South America it is summer n' with summer you get the rain. I too have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we leave Canada for the winter only to come to Peru for the summer. We get summer solstice twice a year!
    The pet rock, what a wonderfull idea! You will start another fad, everyone will want a pet rock!!
    Love reading your blog! Cheers! dani

  3. Dani,
    Thanks so much for your comment! We have reached the soltice so are now entering into fall. The temperature hasn't dropped much, but there seems to be more air moving.