Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9 March 2010

We were up early and off to Talara this morning to get the scheduled maintenance done on our pick up. We were in town for four and a half hours while the service was being done. We were able to do some banking, looked all over for a new charging cord for the computer, bought a wireless mouse for this computer and ate lunch. Nothing too exciting except it took up our time and were able to leave town by about 1:30 in the afternoon.
We decided not to go on to Piura to look for a refrigerator. We've discovered that a propane refrigerator is a rare thing. There might be one at this store in Piura, but might not. It might be used, maybe not. No one could really say for sure. So, meanwhile, we will work with a styrofoam cooler and buy ice every couple of days. When our home is ready, we'll buy an electric refrigerator and it will feel like luxury!
This a picture of our guardian for the property, Sanchez, and his wife, Juana. In the evenings, they like to sit out on the deck and watch the beach and enjoy the evening's breeze. Sanchez is a real treasure. He not only opens and closes the gate when we come and go, but will sweep the house and clean the toilets while we're gone. He has also taken care of Stormy when we've been gone. Yesterday afternoon, we found him outside washing our pick-up! Juana is also a treasure. She is the cook for our workers on the construction site. She's up at 5 am cooking breakfast and is back for lunch and dinner. She always has a smile on her face and has a wonderful giggle we enjoy trying to elicit. She gives me a list of groceries each morning and manages to feed the crew for an incredibly small amount of money. Good people.
And here I am, at my loom, enjoying the heck out of life here.
Both of us feel so much more grounded in El Nuro; even without hot water, refrigeration, or electricity during the daylight hours. We are not living in our home, but the location says it all. We have space, can be close to what is happening in the construction, and so much more independent. We enjoyed staying at Jay's; but never quite got into a routine there. Our own personal space was so limited.
Stormy really enjoys the space as well. She is able to run free at the property. Her favorite all time toy has been one that squeaks. She could be three levels down on the property and all we would have to do is squeak her toy. She would come charging toward us instantaneously! Worked like a charm. She lost her first squeaky toy out at Jim and Daniella's when someone threw it for her and she didn't retrieve it. We've looked but haven't been able to find it since. Fortunately, we had another squeaky toy in reserve.
All is well with us. Thanks to all of you who keep up with us on this blog. We love you!


  1. Guess we didn't talk about your trip to get the pickup fixed...it was so good to "talk" to you. Things look good. Love the picture of Sanchez and Juana...and of you at the loom. I see you're starting the jewel tone one first. It will be so nice to have things of your own around. It's obvious you aren't bored!

  2. Definitely not bored. Sometimes I feel quite busy and don't get everything done that I want; but then I remember sitting in the hammock for a while, walking on the beach...it's all about priorities.