Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, a new week. The trench for the sewage has been dug, pipes laid and now partially filled in. There are several connections that still need to be made, but much of it has now been laid.

This afternoon, the workers poured more of the columns. Three columns on the right side of the kitchen/living room building were poured. Columns on the other side will be next; and then the wall at the back of the piano room/bar. There is still some excavation which needs to happen and it's through wonder they've put it off!

They also poured the columns for the second level of the studio/master suite. Three transfers; the worker climbing the ladder with a full bucket of cement, hands off to a second worker standing at the bottom of the second level; who then hands off to a worker at the top of the second level who poured the cement down into the column. I can only imagine what OHSA would have to say about this! Few are wearing hard hats, and no one is tied off. They do get the job done though!

This is the bravest guy of all. He is standing on top of the second level on a small plank of wood. He lifts the buckets of cement up and pours it into the column form. No worries. The piece of wood he is standing on is probably 18" long and 6" wide. No problem.

It was another quiet day for us. I worked at the loom, took a nap in the hammock and did more work at the loom. Doug read, took a nap in the hammock, played with the dog, and watched the construction. Hard work!
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