Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another fabulous day in the tropics. Doug helped me move my loom out onto the patio so I could work outside. It was probably 10 degrees cooler outside and I could feel the breeze come off the ocean. I also had this incredible view all day. Sometimes I feel like I am obsessed with the weaving; spending so much of my time there. Fortunately Doug says he doesn't care. I actually think he is proud of the work I'm doing on the loom as anytime someone comes by, he motions them over to show them what I am doing.

We shopped this morning for groceries; both for the workers and for ourselves. Since we shop everyday anyway, I think we'll do OK with the cooler for now. Yes, it leaks, but it keeps stuff cold and we can buy ice every other day. This afternoon we had a great stir fry of pork with red peppers; an actual meal.

We found some spinach in the market and plan on a spinach omelette in the morning.

Here is a picture of the bath mat I wove on the loom. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do the colors justice. The are jewel tones and much more vibrant than the picture shows.

We've now had three different plug-ins fail. I suspect that Georg's solar system does not have a regulator on it so any spike fries the plug-ins. I went to a local cell phone repair shop today and was able to replace the charger cord for my cell phone for S/.15 (about $5.). The Kindle plug in is fried, but I can connect through the computer to recharge it. The same is true with the iPod. One of the computer cables has also failed. When we were in Talara, we ordered a new one. Hopefully that will work out and we will be back on track for keeping our computers up and running.

Our friend Ferruco came by this afternoon. He is looking to buy a camera for photographing surfers in this area. He wants a Nikon D90 with a lens that will allow him to photograph people while they are out surfing. He has asked us to make the purchase and send it with our friend Bruce who will be visiting in April. Bruce is the cabinet maker in Oregon that made the cabinets for our new home and will be coming down to install them during the early part of April. Hopefully, all will be ready for him when he comes. If nothing else, he gets a vacation out of it.

Doug has been out in the hammock tonight. I thought he might sleep out there, but it isn't as comfortable as a bed. It is probably 10 degrees cooler out there. Even inside tonight it is quite a bit cooler than it has been.

As far as the construction goes, they have been pouring the footings for the living room and piano room. They have also been pouring the concrete beams from the master bedroom to the studio. It is truly one step at a time. The architect will be here in the morning so we will once again review the progress and plan for the next few weeks. Once the concrete portion is done, I think things will move quite quickly. Many of the "walls" will be glass from this point forward.

I have been designing a mural for one of the exterior walls. I'm hoping to spend some time with the maestro of the brickwork so he can show me how to score the lines into the cement. The wall that comprises our entry way is approximately 15 meters in length. This is the wall I want to put my mural on. Maybe I'm just dreaming, but I can visualize it and hope to make it a reality.
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  1. Ah ha! So now it is "the piano room" now, huh? You didn't call it that originally! Too cute! Your rug is beautiful. You'll do some wall hangings later, I'm sure. I'll be interested to hear how the mural goes. What will you use for the etching tool?

  2. I'm not sure how the mural will go. I think I will buy the bricklayer some batteries for his radio in exchange for some instruction!