Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30 March 2010

Moving day. Georg and his family and some friends will be spending Semana Santa (Easter Week) at their vacation home in El Nuro. We vacated the home this morning and moved back in at Jay's for the next week. In some ways it was a hassle, but I have to remember that we've been able to live there rent free. I'm anxious to see how Georg and his wife fare without a refrigerator and with a dodgy electrical system. Maybe if one of his cables gets fried, he'll understand what we're talking about.
We were settled in at Jay's by 2:30 in the afternoon. I then fell asleep and slept until almost 6. It was the first really hard sleep I've had in a while.
Jay cooked dinner for us tonight. Excellent as usual. Stormy was intent on Jay's cat throughout dinner. She sooo wanted to chase that cat.
We had five workers on the project this morning. It appears that Easter week is a big holiday tradition and several of the workers who were scheduled to come out, didn't because of it. We'll see how many are there tomorrow. I think we are down to 8 days before the cabinet guy gets here. Mmmm. I still don't see how it will get done.

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