Monday, March 1, 2010

1 March 2010

Wow, can't believe it is March already! Our good Canadian friends, Jim and Daniella will return to the Yukon for their summer of work in the gold mine and state. We will miss them and will await their return next year.
Another lesson learned today. Since the very old refrigerator in the house didn't work, we went to Paita to buy one. While in Paita doing container and customs stuff, we had happened upon this appliance store. We had asked at the time if their refrigerators ran on gas and were told, all of their refrigerators ran on gas. Perfect; we don't have electricity 24 hours a day so we need one to run on propane. We travelled down there today, purchase a refrigerator in Paita. They also had a store in Talara (much closer to home) so we arranged to pick up the refrigerator in Talara on the way home. No problems in Talara; they loaded us up and off we went. We got back to the house, unloaded the new refrigerator and removed the old one. We unpacked the new one and saw....a power cord. It turns out after a few phone calls back and forth, that ALL of their refrigerators are electric but contain a system of gas (freon?) within. The salesman said he misunderstood what I was needing. So now what? He was to call me back with options at 8:30 tonight but it is 10:30 and I haven't heard from him. He also told us that there are no refrigerators that run on propane available in Peru. Our friend Javier though says he knows a place in Piura where we can buy one. It wouldn't be so much of an issue if we were in our own home where we will have electricity 24 hours, but here, at Georg's, we only have electricity at night. His solar system just isn't big enough.
This refrigerator thing took us most of the day and into the evening.
Tomorrow is another day.
There were only six workers here today. Koki says he is having a problem getting workers to come as it is so hot and a long ways away from home. (Chiclayo, where Koki has his office, is 6 hours away.) Koki will be here on Wednesday, so hopefully we will get a chance to sit down and look at the progress.


  1. We just returned from Sunriver where we had snow....not all over in the village, but we were able to drive to it and the girls could play. Trent, Chad, and the other "boys" went out on snowmobiles for a day...sounds pretty exotic compared to your heat, doesn't it?

    Sorry about your refrigerator. I hope it gets worked out soon. Do you have enough wind so you can use wind power, too? I know you get it in the afternoon. Lois and Ken just put it in on their property in Washington. I remember you said you had wind in the afternoon. Is solar enough? Hope you get it solved soon!

  2. We do have a fair amount of wind but will wait to install any kind of wind generator. Our solar system is designed to run the house with no problem. We will have a generator back up, so, if for some reason the solar panels don't produce, we will be able to use the generator.
    As for the refrigerator, we will continue looking for one. If all else fails, then we will buy an electric one...we just won't be able to use it until the house is built.