Thursday, June 3, 2010

Work continues. Each day a little bit more gets done. And each day new things come up. We are waiting on the windows, jacuzzi, granite, generator and solar panels. So many things seem to be in the works. And one day, they will all come together.

In this first picture, the worker is tamping down the dirt by the side of the pool. The block of cement has a rebar handle that serves as a compactor. He spread the dirt brought by wheelbarrow out to a predetermined depth and marked by pieces of brick. A wooden deck will be put over the top of this. Along side the pool itself, workers are bending rebar and setting up the pour for the edge and run-off channel.
I took this picture while sitting on the terrace between the master suite and the kitchen/dining room. This spot is going to be a favorite; the view is spectacular and the breeze makes it very comfortable.

This next picture shows the framing for the cover of the cistern. The water tower is built above it. Water will be delivered to the cistern and then pumped up into the tanks. Gravity feed will then provide water to the house.

Wednesday is "market" day. This is the day when fresh produce and products are delivered to Los Organos. Big trucks come in and park along the highway. Products are then unloaded to the various merchants who then load them on moto-taxis for transport to their stall. It's a busy day and there is always much more hussle and bussle.

I'm always amazed at what products come in on these trucks. Each week it seems there is a different load. This week there was some kind of hay or straw, mattresses piled on top of hundreds of dozens of eggs, and various types of produce. Who knows; these trucks bring in everything and anything!

Wednesday during the late morning or early afternoon is the best time to shop for veggies and fruit. You have to be careful though, as some of the shop owners will try to sell you the old stuff. Yesterday, for example, I asked for brocoli and was shown a head that had seen a few days on their shelf. I declined, and the shop owner hussled out to the sidewalk where the fresh produce had been unloaded and found me another head that was much nicer.

We finally got a final accounting from Koki, so we can get funds transfered once and for all. This should be the last large transfer we will need to make from the US to Peru. It will also take us through to the end of the project. Both of us are anxious to get it done....we moved here in September, started to build in December. We're ready to be settled into our new home.
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