Monday, June 7, 2010

Progress is sooooo slow sometimes! We've resigned ourselves to another month at Jay's. As comfortable as it is, we are getting more anxious to move into our own home. We are waiting on windows, primarily. Once those arrive and are installed, we will be very close to moving in.

One water tank is up on the water tower and pipes are installed to bring the water into the house. There are still some septic drainage pipes that need to be in place before the system becomes totally functional.

We placed the island in the kitchen this aftenoon. And the appliances are supposed to arrive on Wednesday from Chiclayo. This will complete the kitchen with the exception of the granite.

The workers have been focused on the swimming pool, which doesn't break my heart; although it is at the expense of other things getting done. There will be a wood deck along each side of the pool. Water from the pool will spill over the edge and funnel down to the recirculating tank. It will be similar to the endless pool concept.

We have now made available more funds from the US, so hopefully progress will continue. We are still waiting on the glass; windows. This will be the next big milestone.

Koki will be here on Wednesday, so more things will be finalized. I know we are getting to the end of this; but it can't be soon enough. I am really ready to be in my own space and to be able to organize my own things within it.

We have been buying groceries for the workers everyday. Usually the cook gives me a list and I take it to the grocer for him to fill. Also, we often return to the same market to fill our own personal order. Today as we went back, I had a list. The owner of the market asked to see the list. I told him it was in English, but he still wanted to see it. I handed it to him, he looked at it, and then handed it back to me and said, "It's in English!" They treat us like royalty when we are there and they try so hard to be most accomodating.

While we were in town this afternoon, there was a big celebration going on. The school children were out and about in their uniforms and the marching band was playing as they moved through the streets. What little we saw, the military had a presence....marching with the high steps in tune to the music. Flags were flying and people were gathering. We never figured out what the celebration was all about.

Another stunning sunset tonight. Each night brings us something different. It rarely fails to amaze us.
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  1. Your kitchen looks awesome!!! I know how hard it is to wait to get in. Just remember: poco a poco. It will be done and you'll have the rest of your lives to live there. It seems like it is going much faster from this end as we are not there to watch the day to day stuff. Did you find your furniture in Lima? I know you were going to do some shopping there.

  2. We did find some very nice living room furniture in Lima. We also found appliances for the kitchen and a couple of lounge chairs for the studio. All of this is supposed to arrive tomorrow via truck from Chiclayo. we shall see. Patience is the name of the game. I am learning to be patient.....bit by bit..... breath by breath. Oh.... the Peruvian life.....