Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 June 2010

I blogged last night, twice, but for some reason, I couldn't get it to post. I'm having some of the same problems tonight; I can't get any of the picutres to load.
Hopefully, the text will go through.

Today was a big day out at the property. Koki arrived at about 5 am with a large truck, loaded to the gills with stuff. The windows which we have been waiting for; almost 5 tons worth, arrived along with the glass crew to install them. By the time we left the property at lunch time, the windows were already installed in the kitchen.

Wood for the roof vents, the deck around the pool and for the stairs also arrived. The carpenter was already on the job framing the vents and putting them in place. He brought a couple of men to varnish the beams, and to paint the underside of the OSB sheets on the roof. Koki intended to leave these natural but varnished; but I asked to have it painted. To me, the OSB doesn't look finished. And I don't think it fits with the rest of what we've done in the house.

The kitchen appliances arrived. Unfortunately, the granite countertops didn't. Koki received word yesterday that it wouldn't be available until July 15th. As we hope to be in the house a long time before then, I asked him to set in place some OSB, install the stovetop, and sinks so we can utilize the kitchen.

The furniture Doug and I bought in Lima a few weeks ago arrived. Most of it was just moved into the piano/bar area and not unpacked since we still aren't ready to move in. We did, however, bring two chairs back to Jay's. Up until now, all we've had are plastic chairs to sit in. Both of us are currently encamped in our chairs working on our computers. They are sooo comfortable.

We took Koki in to Mancora for lunch at a Mexican restaurant there that we like. We were able to watch a little bit of the World Cup match between Brazil and North Korea.

Immediately after lunch, we stopped by the kite surfing shop and signed up for lessons. We even got Koki to sign up! Our first lesson will be tomorrow. We'll spend most of it on the beach, learning to fly and maneuver the kite. It should be great fun.


  1. We'll anxiously await your next blog - to make sure you weren't flown down the coast even further than you were when you were out swimming the other day! That sounded rather scary. You should have a head start on the lessons, with your windsurfing experience.

    Glad the glass is there for the windows. I'm sure you were disappointed about the granite. I remember just having chipboard countertops in my kitchen in Ontario for a long time until the formica was able to be installed. It's doable. Amazing what you can do when you want/need to! Your kitchen is gorgeous, by the way!

    Last full day of school here. I taught Monday and Tuesday. It was field day yesterday and we got rained out before the last rotations were done. The afternoon group only got a few in before the were rained out. It is the strangest weather here. Huge hail storm yesterday. Andrea had over an inch of hail collected on her deck table. Then we were hit last night at bedtime. I am reeeeally ready for summer!!!!!!

  2. I did find myself down wind quite a ways. It was then a trek back up the beach to begin again. Maybe someday I'll get good enough to be able to tack and end up where I planned!