Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's a full moon and we are not moving! We will, however, move soon. We told Koki we were moving in in two weeks, (now 11 days). I still look at all the things that need to get done and can't quite see it getting done. BUT I am ready to be there.

One of the things we've been trying to do is to compost. We even have our cook, Juana, adding to it each day. We started with the wire mesh cylinder and you can see it has filled up. Not much was actually composting though; most of it just dried out and attracted flies. After a bit of research, we figured out that composting in a desert climate needed a bit of help. We've been adding carbon in the form of charcoal and ashes from the BBQ and we began putting things into the plastic barrel to retain moisture. The results have been quite good; the barrel is working well. One thing we read which surprised us though is that you shouldn't put any citrus into your pile.

Excavation of the third bungalow has progressed and the walls are going up quickly. The construction crew poured the floor in the first bungalow today and were preparing the second one for the floor. The generator was getting its own little room built around it today; the walls were up on three sides. The carpenter was there and he was beginning work on the roof over the terrace that joins the dining room with the master bedroom. By the end of today, they had the posts in place.

And being a full moon, other funky things occurred. First of all, the memory chip didn't make it back into the camera so all the pictures I took today weren't saved. I was particularly disappointed because I took several pictures of Doug playing with a couple of kids. There is one family from El Ă‘uro that comes out regularly with a cooler of drinks and a batch of ceviche for the crew to buy inbetween meals. They had their three kids there today and Doug, true to form, engaged them in play and had them smilling and laughing in no time.

Secondly, the wind conditions have been very light; we've not had enough wind to kite surf. Yesterday we went out onto the beach and launched a kite, but it just wasn't strong enough to go out into the water. Today the wind came up fairly well and we had ideal conditions that lasted less than an hour. This is supposed to be the season for kite surfing, but the conditions haven't been very favorable.

Thirdly, I tore the toenail off of my big toe this afternoon while lifting a box in the kitchen. Workers were moving the refrigerator into place and Doug and I were trying to move other boxes out of the way. It hurt like hell when it happened, but oddly enough, it didn't last long. However, when I looked at it, I saw the nail halfway off and knew we needed to go to the clinic. There are a couple of clinics in Los Organos and we went to the same one I went to with the tonsilitis. The doctor ended up removing the entire nail, prescribing antibiotics and pain killers. In total, the doctor and medication cost me a toenail and less than $25.

Well, full moon or not, we still love it here. The moon is beautiful and we enjoy looking at it each night.
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