Saturday, June 19, 2010

19 June 2010

Wow! What an amazing afternoon. Since this weekend is Father's Day, the entire crew wanted to go home to visit with their families. No one wanted to stay behind to provide security for the job site. So Doug and I said we would stay out at the property for the weekend.

We arrived out here at about 12:30 this afternoon. The crew had things well set up for us.... There was a temporary faucet in the kitchen sink, the stove top was hooked up to a gas bottle, and there were lights in the kitchen, master bedroom and bath. The lights run off the small generator.

The crew left for Chiclayo at 1:00 and we went to work. Doug went through the storage room and pulled out of the kitchen boxes. We then proceeded to unpack and began stocking the kitchen shelves. It was really nice to see some of my own things. Cooking dinner was a lot of fun; being able to use my own utensils and dishes.

Spending the evening in our own house is so amazing. I can't even describe the emotions swirling around. I think I might call Koki and tell him I'm here to stay and he will just have to work around us!
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  1. Yayyyyyyyy! I'm so please for you. It will be hard to go back to "the room", even with your cushy chairs. Putting your things in the cupboards must have been a joy. It will be nice to have the kitchen done first. Any windows in yet?

    Happy Father's Day, Doug!!!!!!!

  2. Whoa, I see I missed a few days. I saw the kite surfing on FB but guess I didn't get to your blog. I see windows are going you already answered my question.

    I watched the kite surfers on the way back from Ontario as we were coming down the gorge. You, my friend, have a lot more nerve than I have. Bless your 56 year old body. Please don't kill it! =)

    Glad that Juana has accepted your position. Sounds like she is tired of cooking...she had a bunch of people to cook for. Cleaning should be less hours a day and not so intense. Nice. I hope it is good for you both.