Sunday, June 27, 2010

We arrived out at the property to find the carpenter had put up two trusses for the covered terrace between the dining room and the kitchen. Once again, there was a poorly made joint which he had shimmed. We still can't quite figure out why Koki thinks this guy is such a good carpenter.
Workers had also poured the floor in the first bungalow and were working on the floor for the second bunglaw. Both will need to have a finish layer of cement on top and then we'll be ready for tiles.
The third bungalow has its walls up. Workers will begin to put the finish layer of cement on these walls, as well as columns which they are beginning to form up now.
One of the workers was over on the mechanical room in the service building putting the outside layer of finish on it. Right now this room is being used by a few of the workers as a bedroom. Actually bedrooms have been set up in several places including the storage room behind the kitchen, the master bedroom and the studio.

Doug went to Mancora early this afternoon to kite surf. They had enough wind to launch the kite and get in the water before it died. They had a hard time getting back in for the lack of wind. They decided to have lunch and then try a beach at Cabo Blancito, where the wind is generally better. Once again, they had enough wind to get into the water, only to have the wind die. Generally this is the season for wind, so it's frustrating to have so few days of good wind.

I stayed behind, nursing my toe. I returned to the doctor late this afternoon to have it checked. It turned out she did not remove the entire nail, just the top half which I had torn. It looked quite good and really hasn't been too painful. I still won't be able to go swimming of kite surfing for some time until it heals. Bummer.

After the doctor, we stayed in town and joined Jay for dinner. Being Sunday evening the plaza was bustling with people. Tomorrow starts the annual festival of St. Peter, who is the patron saint of the fishermen. We have seen the statue of St. Peter on display in Los Organos, but almost no other signs of preparation for this festival. Last year there were fireworks, dances, games in the square and at the pier, and a parade of the fishing boats decorated with flags along the coast. I guess we shall see what develops.

Tomorrow we are going to have lunch with Ferruco and his parents as it is his birthday. I wish we'd had a little more warning ahead of time, as I would have like to make or do something special for him. He has been such a great friend and support for us since we've arrived. But then, what do you get a young stud surfer guy who doubles as jewelry/ornament maker?
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