Friday, June 18, 2010

So here we are, in our nice cushy recliner chairs. What a difference from the plastic chairs we've been sitting in!!

Believe it or not, these chairs have made a huge difference. In the room we are living in, there is not much room for anything other than the bed. We did however, make room for our chairs...and they are soooo comfortable. These will eventually be put in our studio space below the bedroom. But for now, we are truly enjoying the luxury in our rented room.

This weekend, being Father's Day weekend, all of the workers will be returning to Chiclayo to spend the weekend with their families. This means that Doug and I will be out there providing security for the weekend. How novel....we will be house sitting our own home over the weekend! The workers have made sure that the kitchen stove top has been hooked up, the kitchen sink has water, and the toilets are working. We will be able to "camp out" in our house for the weekend. All of the windows have been installed in the master suite, including the doors. For all intents and purposes, we are very close to moving in! I am really looking forward to this weekend...camping in our own house!
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  1. You bought Stressless chairs? Right on! They are sooo comfy! Things are looking great!

  2. They are great! We spent much of the weekend in them overlooking the ocean. What could be better?