Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 June 2010

This morning we took a local carpenter by the name of Charapo out to the property with us. We want him to build us some outdoor patio furniture; some tables, chairs and lounges. One design we were asking him to make was a hexagonal table. Koki and Charapo sketched out the table on this wall just to see what it would be like. Later, we will probably ask Charapo to build the closets in the master bedroom and the bungalows as well as some shelving in the pantry and the studio. Many of our friends in Vichayito have used Charapo and have been satisfied with his work.

The workers continue to pour the concrete around the pool. A wooden deck will eventually be laid over the top of this. The water in the pool is designed to be even with the edge so the appearance is of an edgeless pool. The water will run down channels along the edge to a recirculation tank and then be pumped back into the pool. Some of the edges for the pool have been finished; but they still need to put in stairs and get it ready for tiles. The tiles are bit brighter than I would have liked, but I think they will work out fine once the water is in there. Truthfully, just having a lap pool will be luxury in itself!!

There is still an ongoing disagreement with Georg over the water tower. He is objecting to its blocking his view. I really think the objection is that the water tanks are in his view at all. Somehow, we will try to make them as unobtrusive as possible, but , truly, the don't block his view of the beach or ocean.

The progress on the bungalows continues. Jorge has been finishing the walls in the bungalows and getting things ready for a floor. He seems to be the only one who is working on the bungalows.
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