Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday 31 May 2010

We spent much of the morning out at the property with Koki. We talked about a lot of details; location of light fixtures, fans, painting, etc. Each day there are more and more; things I would never think of.

This first picture is of the master suite and shows the color of the house. It's a sand color which we'll use inside and out. The roof is on the master suite except for the one section in the center that will be raised for circulation. Tiles are installed throughout. The toilet is in. The jacuzzi is supposed to come toward the end of this week. The stairs down to the studio will be built at the same time as the doors; a couple of weeks from now?

This next picture shows the building of the water tower. The tower goes up another level and the water tower and hot water heater will sit on top. The cistern sits right underneath the tower.

This is the piece that Georg is objecting to as he believes it obstructs his view. This picture is taken from Georg's property and, as you can see, it obstructs his view of the hilside; not the beach. If you stand far enough to the right, it might catch a bit of the beach. We did look at other options, but other locations weren't viable. As it is, this is a compromise that Georg originally agreed to.

Georg did call us last night from England where he's on business. The phone connection wasn't good so Doug finally resorted to e-mail; explaining how the decision was made. Georg wanted to blame Koki, the architect, but we've explained that Koki works for us and we make the decisions. We haven't received a response yet.

T This next photo shows the kitchen/dining room/living room. Much of the inside is done; tiles laid, and walls painted. Most of the electrical wires have been run and are awaiting fixtures. The island in the kitchen still needs to be set but is waiting for the gas line to be redirected slightly so the oven will fit into the cabinet. The stairs and the interior doors still need to be built.

All the aluminum frames for the windows are in place. The glass is ready to be shipped and is waiting on the truck. Koki was hoping the windows would be here more than a week ago.

Here you can see the workers laying the tile on the terrace between the two main buildings. This same tile will be used for all of the outdoor areas that are tiled; terraces in front of each structure and the "reception" zone outside of the front door.

After all the consultation at the construction site, we took Koki to lunch to pin him down about costs. It has been impossible for us to track what has been paid for and what has yet to be purchased. For example, Koki asked for a certain amount to pay for the wood. What he purchased was wood for the roof but not the stairs or doors. But he also paid the workers with this payment and purchased other tiles. Hopefully we will have a final accounting in the next day or so. We told Koki we wouldn't pay him any more until this happens. Just a little motivator....
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