Friday, June 11, 2010

11 June 2010

Sorry to say, I didn't have the card in the camera as I took pictures today. Bummer!
The recirculation tank and the mechanical room for the pool were covered yesterday with the wooden forms and the crew was tying rebar across the top in preparation for a cement pour. All of this area, and the two cemented areas along either side of the pool will be covered by a wooden deck.
The dark brown tiles Koki had chosen for the master bathroom were being removed today, much to his chagrine! He really wanted to show off the faucets with a contrasting background, and I liked his idea; but not his choice of tile. We asked him to change the tile to the "rock" tile that is in place in the bedroom.
Jorge continues to work on finishing the walls on one of the bungalows. He hasn't been feeling well, and we brought him some medication for his stomach yesterday. I think it's helped, as he seemed more himself today. Jorge likes to have a radio playing while he works. Every so often he asks us to get him some batteries. I actually bought him a carton of batteries, hoping to convince him to help me do a mural when the entry was built. I haven't approached the subject yet.
The other subject I haven't approached yet is asking Juana, Sanchez's wife and the cook for the crew, if she would like to work for us as a housekeeper when her cooking duties finish. She is such a sweetheart and I can't imagine a more trustworthy or hard-working person. So why my hesitation? I haven't figured that out...other than perhaps the language thing. My Spanish is pretty good now, but it isn't by any means fluent. So, why am I so hesitant?.... no sé.
Doug and I had dinner outside on the terrace tonight as it is several degrees cooler than in the kitchen. We watched the sunset and the resulting coloring of the clouds. It is such a pleasant time of the evening. As we were watching the bats come out, dart about catching insects, Stormy spotted a fox on the next property down from Jay's. Off she went, and the fox took off as well. Fortunately, Stormy didn't see where the fox went so lost her prey. Who knows what would happen if she went face to face with a fox!
I was truly disappointed not to have the card in the camera as this afternoon there was a parade by the local school children through the center of town. They were carrying banners declaring respect for the environment, nurturing plants, and good health. Many of the children had large flower masks around their faces. Others had "sandwich" type costumes of various plants. Many of the locals were drawn out of the shops and stood alongside with broad smiles as the kids went by. It was quite a production!
We took Stormy for a long walk this afternoon along the beach and then up around the hills behind Jay's. We took a shocking pink ball with as; it's her beach toy as it floats in the water. She could hardly focus on anything else as she was so excited to play with her ball. Her friend, the rotweiller, was on the beach when we got there. Stormy didn't really want to play with him; she was waiting for the toy. The only bad thing about the toy is that she doesn't like to bring it back so we can throw it again. She takes off with it, tries to bury it in the sand or takes it out into the water to let the waves toss it around. I'm hoping if we keep working at it, she will get the idea of fetch!

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