Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23 June 2010

Today's Blaine's half birthday...he'll be 29 and a half years old today. Ohhhh, approaching that 30 mark!

We spent the morning out at the property. The workers are getting ready to pour the floor in the bungalows. They need to pour the foundation around the front (you can see the trench marked). It still seems like they have a long ways to go. We have company coming for the last week in July and at least one of the bunglows is supposed to be ready at that time.

The second picture here shows the excavation for the third bungalow. The excavation for this has been delayed so long because trucks and machinery needed access to the area along the beach front. Most of that has been taken care of and so access is not an issue.

We discussed with Koki what things still needed to happen for us to move in.
He seemed to think we could move in within two weeks.
We therefore told him we would move in in two weeks. There is still a lot that needs to happen but I feel like we need to push him. So, in two weeks, we move in.....finished or not; we'll deal with it.

The generator arrived today. The truck arrived and had a crane to unload it. The unloaded it onto a concrete pad with four stud screws; they set it down in place and it all worked like it was supposed to. The generator is a 15Kilowatt power source that should easily handle everything we have. Our idea is to run the generator to circulated the water in the pool, and use it as a back-up to the solar panels. The solar panels should handle 5kilowatts, so we should be well equipped. The solar panels will take another three weeks to arrive. The solar engineer will be traveling to El Nuro this weekend to take measurments, etc. and then will return to install the panels. Having the generator though, means we will have electricity when we move in.

I feel somewhat mired down in molasses at this point. I can see all the things that still need to happen, and I know what things I've paid for, but actually getting them into place is a very slowwwww procccessss. This last weekend was such a teaser; being able to be there and then not?! I tell myself to focus on the two weeks....funny how originally I swore up and down that I would not move in until everything was said and done. Now, just give me bed to sleep in, water for a toilet and shower, and a kitchen stove; and I'm ready!!

We went into Mancora for lunch with Koki this afternoon and were able to watch the World Cup Soccer match between Ghana and Germany. We so rarely get to see any TV, and the World Cup is huge here. It's rather contagious. Even in the barber shop off of the open air market in Los Organos, there is a TV which is now usually tuned into the World Cup. There are always a varied group of people looking in to see what the score is...

Our kite surfing instructor took off for Lima for the weekend and has met with various delays in getting back. He was to arrive in Mancora sometime this afternoon. Hopefully we will have enough wind to have another kite surfing lesson tomorrow. I'm looking forward to doing a "body drag" with Rain, the instructor, as he seemed to be more aggressive than my teacher last week. If we are going to introduce boards, I want to be sure I have enough wind in my sail to keep me going!

Doug and I sat up on the roof at Jay's last night and watch a pod of dolphins swim south. One dolphin was right in the breakers; very close to shore. They are so big, so graceful and amazing to witness.
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