Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30th of June 2010

Another market day. As we headed into town today, we passed the "depot" for much of the market produce and saw our grocer waiting for transport. We stopped and offerred to take some of the produce. He asked us to take the eggs to the market; the rest he would take by mototaxi. As it turned out, the eggs totally filled the bed of the pickup. We then took these to the stall in the market where they were unloaded. It is a small favor we can do on ocassion when we happen upon it; but they surely appreciate it. Everytime I enter the market, I am treated like royalty. It's a great exchange.

Today at the property, the carpenters were putting up the trusses for two of the bungalows. We haven't been entirely pleased with the carpenter and his skills, but we were able to give him kudos today as the placement of the trusses was right on. I think part of the problem was that the roof structures for the kitchen/living room and the master suite were done in sections rather than all at one time. At least with the bungalows, Chimo is able to do the roof
in its entirety rather than in sections. We have been very critical of his work until this point so it was good to be able to compliment him on the work on the bungalows.

Tiles are being laid in the first bungalow. The wall tiles in the toilet and shower enclosures are in, and the floor tiles were being prepared today as we were there. The rest of the floor tiles should be ready to go in in the next day or two.

Tiles are also being laid for the pool. These are a bit more brilliant than I would have liked but I think once the water is in the pool, it will not appear as bright. The corners at the floor of the pool will be rounded to make the cleaning easier. I am constantly amazed at how big the pool is and how much work it will take to get it done. Definitely, a lap pool is a luxury. I know this and am still so thankful we will be able to do this.

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  1. Karen! It is so nice to see the pics with the development as it happens. Things are moving right along! It will be even better to move into it than the first time! You n' your guests will be so comfy! When are they to arrive?
    Things are good here. I am up to my neck in rhubarb today, baking n' cooking it. n' today is Canada Day. Enjoy the 4th of July! Have a fire n' find some fireworks! Say hello to Jay for us. Miss you n' Doug. Cheers! dani