Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Each day we take groceries out to the crew and observe the progress made. Somedays it seems miniman and yet others seem like a milestone. We are still waiting for the windows. I think this is the next milestone for us.

A lot of work has been done around the pool. The edges have been finished and the framework for the wood deck surrounding the pool is now in place.

Jorge continues to work on the two bungalows; finishing the cement work and getting things ready for the windows.

We met this afternoon with Charapo, a local carpenter. He made the doors and windows for Jay's place here in Vichayito. We may be asking him to make us a patio set of a table and four chairs and some lounge chairs for around the pool. We may also ask him to build closets and doors. Koki has yet to come up with samples from carpenters, and we think Charapo may be able to suit our needs.

I think we are at a point in our construction that we might make decisions for the finishing pieces. Koki has been wonderful and we love him, but there are some details he hasn't attended to.

Our furniture that we bought in Lima a week ago, has been shipped to Chiclayo. Koki is supposed to pick it up and ship it the rest of the way to El Nuro.
As of late this afternoon, he hadn't made the arrangements for this to happen. We shall see if our furniture arrives tomorrow. Keep in mind that Doug and I have been living in a room with a bed and one plastic chair. We have no table to put our computers or any other furniture. We are looking forward to putting our two reclining chairs into our room so we can comfortably spend out time.

We also were able to set the island in the kitchen. The tubes for the electricity, water and gas all had to be drilled into the bottom of the cabinet. Once done, the cabinet it set and we are now ready for the appliances. Hopefully these will arrive by truck tomorrow.

Patience is the name of the game.

Our good friend, Paola, the daughter of the master weaver, Maximo, is pregnant. I have been knitting her a baby sweater with a matching sweater for a teddy bear. Good Catholics, but she is unmarried, and they probably haven't been to mass in a couple of year. However, in her defense, she is dating and totally in love with a wonderful man. No word yet as to a wedding....but everyone is happy and excited for the blessed event!

Meanwhile we enjoy the sunsets and the wonderful weather here. Being less than 5 degrees off of the equator, we generally get 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of night-time. Each day brings us new sights and experiences. Is there more that one can ask for?
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  1. LOL..."is there anything more one could ask for?" ummmmm, yeah, how about being able to live in your new house instead of one room with a bed and a plastic chair? You're so funny! I know what you mean, but I couldn't help but laugh at your last statement! Hope the furniture arrives today and the kitchen gets put together. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Any place you can put those two chairs at the site, or would that be too pretentious for your workers???

  2. I think we'll bring two chairs to our room in Vichayito for now. I told Koki we wanted to be in by the first of July... time will tell. It is hard to be patient, but again, I know these things take time.