Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22 June 2010

It is amazing to realize we are here; and we are going to live here permanently. This weekend at the house was so wonderful. Sure, we had a makeshift kitchen, and no hot water in the shower, and no stairs to move up and down between levels; but it didn't matter. We enjoyed our time there and were not anxious to move out this morning. Koki should arrive tomorrow morning and we plan on telling him we will move in on July 1st. Not everything will be done by then, but at some point you have to make the leap.

For the time being, we are back at Jay's in Vichayito. The room is comfortable enough, but by late afternoon, the sun streams in the window and heats things up significantly. It is amazing how far north the sun is setting! I need to brush up on my science because I always thought the equator meant things stayed fairly equal. The time of our daylight hasn't changed very much; dawn comes around 6:oo and sunset is close to 6:30. However, the location of the sunrise and the sunset has moved dramatically.

Tomorrow should be another kite surfing lesson. They tell us that the manipulation of the kite becomes mindless and the rest comes naturally. We shall see about that...how fun would it be if that were to be true?!?!?! We haven't had any pictures of the kite surfing...obviously you don't take any as you are our there. Maybe our instructors will be willing to take some as we take off on the boards! YIKES.
We had seared tuna for dinner tonight. My only exposure to tuna before was from a can. There is NO comparison. Fresh tuna is what sushi is made of. I've made tuna tartare, which is fabulous for a dip or snack. Seared tuna gives you a tuna steak that is rare in the middle. Most people would turn up their noses at this; but until you have tried it you just don't realize how fabulous it can be. When we get tuna at the market, it is less than 24 hours old; often times much fresher. And it tastes nothing like tuna from a can! I think I can honestly say that seared tuna has replaced my favorite of rare beef as the best meal ever!
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  1. My sister, Lois, and her husband are about the same stage of construction as you are. They have been living in a 5th wheel trailer on site as they construct their house. Lois said on July first she was taking her sleeping bag and moving into the house...sounds like you two!

    I think your weekend in the house was good for your soul. It gave you just what you needed. i wonder what your blog subject will be once your a finished.....=)

    We had tuna steaks the other night...they were frozen, but not what you get from the can! I'm sure they weren't anything like fresh for you. What about fruits? What is in season and available right now? Mangoes in Peru were my absolute favorite....mmmm, juice running down your chin. Makes my mouth water to think about them!

    Wonderful day here, finally. 82 degrees right now. I hope it continues.