Thursday, July 1, 2010

1 July 2010

Another market day. Things really get crazy in town when the trucks and various other vehicles arrive to deliver their goods. Once again, we passed by the "depot" and saw our grocer waiting for transport. We stopped to offer help and were loaded with eggs. Each flat of eggs contains 30 eggs. When we were loaded, the entire bed of the pick-up was full of eggs! The rest of their produce was transported by moto-taxi. It is such a little thing we do for them on occassion, but they appreciate it so much. We are treated like royalty when we arrive at their stall in the market each day.

Out at the construction, things are moving right along. The workers are beginning to lay the tile for the pool. Most of the side edges are done and they were beginning on the interior walls. The "pepelma" tiles are about and inch square and come in sheets 12 X 12. Given the expanse of the pool, I am so impressed with how they approach the job. Other workers were rounding the edge between the walls and floor of the pool with cement. This will make cleaning the pool all that much easier. Even so, I look at this pool, and the expanse of it, and think WOW...this is a big indulgence. A pool is one thing, but a lap pool is immense. It will be the only one of its kind in this area!

The carpenter, Chimo, began putting up the trusses and joists for the bungalows. We have not been impressed with his work so far, and so, naturally, Doug checked his work and measured it all to see if it was in line and square. Both bungalows were right on, so we were able to give Chimo some positive feedback. It was nice to be able to give him credit rather than criticism. We're hoping these roofs will go up quickly and he can return to the problem child; the roof between the two main buildings.

We told Koki tonight that we would be moving in a week. We listed the things we felt needed to be done before then....the marble countertop, painting, etc.

I feel like I am holding my breath as to whether these things get done or not. There are so many people involved; the window people, the carpenter, tile work.....I have a great appreciation for whoever coordinates all the subs on a project this size!

I cooked a swordfish stew tonight. How can you go wrong with all the fresh ingredients? We've been told that we can buy even fresher fish by going out to the pier at the desalination plant early in the morning and buying it directly from the fishermen. Since we are not out there, we haven't attempted this yet. However, the restaurants in town send people out each morning to get the freshest possible. I doubt the fish we get in the market is more than a day old, but the best cooks in the area say this is too old. Amazing....

One of the guys teaching us the kite surfing is also a cook. He has worked in what we feel is the best restaurant in the area. He talks about the fresh fish from the pier and how much better it is than what is available in the market. Not only that, but the fish you buy on the pier is much less expensive than what is available in the market.

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