Monday, July 26, 2010

26 July 2010

It is a full moon! We should be moving! It has been our pattern that since we left Oregon September 1st, there has been a full moon when we moved to a new location. This pattern has repeated itself five or six, we should be moving. We were out at the property for quite a while today, and I did begin to unpack the furniture that was shipped up from Lima a month or so ago. I wonder, does this count?

We went out to the property early this morning as Doug was to meet with a couple new workers to teach them how to put the roof shingles on. They began work at about eight and started on one of the bungalows. Apparently, there are two crews in Piura who do this work, but they have enough work in Piura, they do not want to travel. So, Koki sent two carpenters from Chiclayo and Doug showed them how it is done. They worked until noon, and then Doug left them on their own.

Most of the workers will be leaving tomorrow afternoon for home. Wednesday is the Peruvian equivalent of our 4th of July. It is a huge holiday throughout Peru; schools are on vacation, workers go home to visit family and towns have events planned for the entire week. Even so, they assure us that work will be completed on one of the bungalows so that Mandy will have a place to stay when she comes. This also, of course, means we will be living in the house as well.

After leaving the property, Doug and I went out to lunch in Los Organos. The restaurant we like sits right on the beach and has a perfect view of the pier and fishing boats. There is usually a lot of activity on the beach and often kite surfers showing off. We had a great lunch; excellent food. I had ordered an Inca Cola, a unique soda similar to a sweetened Mountain Dew. However, they only had it available in a one liter bottle. No problem, I figured I would take some home with me. It turned out, I couldn't take the bottle from the
restaurant. The waitress told me I could take the soda, just not the bottle. So, I asked her to put it in something else so I could take it. She came back out of the kitchen with the soda in a plastic bag, added a straw and handed it to me!

This afternoon we were sitting out on the patio at Jay's and noticed "splashes" out in the water. All of us initially thought these were the result of birds diving to catch fish. However, having taken a closer look, I thought the looked like blows. We finally decided they were blows from dolphins although we never actually saw the dorsal fins. A bit later we saw another blow which must have come from a whale as it was much larger than those generated by dolphins. "Whale season" is close, usually September and maybe we will start seeing more whales.
This afternoon, we ran into Lorenzo, one of our kite-surfing instructors. He was sitting on the beach, waiting for the wind to come up enough to go out. As we were talking, I mentioned that my daughter, Mandy, would be arriving next week and that she would likely want to take a couple of lessons. The first words out of his mouth were, "Is she married? Does she have kids?" And then he says, shaking his head, "but I'm a professional!"Posted by Picasa

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  1. Oh, what a great laugh (two of them, in fact!) Is the kite surfing instructor cute? Mandy's age? Too funny!

    Inca Cola!!!! I hadn't thought of that in a long time. As I remember it is made from some time of grass. Having to take it in a plastic bag with a straw is hilarious!!!!

    We're pulling for you guys to move in this week. You'll be ahead of Lois and Ken. They are taking some time off and we are all heading to the coast. We have a family reunion with about 20 people coming (and going)...not all there at the same time. It should be lots of fun. Looking forward to spending time with them.