Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20 July 2010

Once again I blogged last night, but when it came time to publish it, the narrative disappeared. I still don't really know why this happens.

José and Chino continue to work on the pool. They have the bottom of the pool done and most of one end wall. They are still lacking tile over the joints between the sections of the pool. This shouldn't take much longer, but then they need to grout all that tile!

Chimo and his crew have finished the roof vents for the bungalows and have begun on the deck around the pool. They have also finished the front triangle below the roof and above the front beam of one bungalow. Toilets and shower fixtures are in and Doug and I moved the cabinets in for the sink and closets today. The third bungalow is coming along as well. They poured the floor yesterday and have started on tiling in the bathroom. This is the bungalow that Koki got to choose the tile for, so we're curious as to what he came up with.

Many of the walkways between the buildings are in place and were receiving their final coating. Ramon was laying out the primary entry from the parking area up to the living room this morning. This will be the last structure to be built to complete the entire project.

We are still waiting on several things; the glass crew needs to come back to put in the windows for the bungalow and the rest of the screens. The electrician is pulling more wire and much of the house is now wired. The solar system has not been designed properly at this point, and we've asked Koki to find another engineer. The kitchen counter top has yet to arrive as well and the hood over the stove needs to be installed. The jacuzzi has not been set into place or hooked up. I know we are close but I can't bring myself to get excited. We've had too many "move-in" dates that never materialized to get excited about
another. Soon, though....

My friend Ferruco has given me some Brazilian music. He has spent some time in Brazil, and really likes it there. The music is different; fresh and new for me with interesting beats and rhythms. I don't understand any of the words, as they are in Portuguese, but the music is wonderful.

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  1. Karen, take a picture from above and below, please, so we can see the whole thing again at this point in the progress. I'm not sure how correct my vision of it is now. It's looking wonderful. I hope the kitchen counters get there soon. I know that will be a huge relief. It's pretty exciting at this point. Lois and Ken's house is almost at the same point as yours. Ken is laying his own tile for the counter tops...working in the kitchen. Their jacuzzi is in but not hooked up, either. Their "pool" is the Columbia River in front of them. No tiling necessary...kind of like your ocean! Love you guys.