Friday, July 2, 2010

Our friend Ferruco, and his friend, Kate, came out to the house this morning. It was fun to show them around!

There were six workers in the pool this morning. They were finishing the end wall, making a curve at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor, and laying tile. Everytime I look at the pool, it seems even bigger than before. I am really excited about having a lap pool, but I also recognize what an indulgence it is.

The bungalows are progressing well. The first bungalow now has all the tile laid and is ready for the plumbing and the windows. The roof structure on second bungalow was receiving a varnishing. The last bungalow was getting an outer coating of cement.

We haven't seen any work on the principle buildings; the kitchen and the master suite. Koki did say a truck with all the supplies needed to finish these buildings would arrive on Sunday night. Let's hope so as we plan on moving in on Thursday!

Koki also sent paint for the underside of the roof. When the carpenter looked at it and painted one piece of OSB, I think he told Koki to have us come take a look at it. We did, and it was terrible. The color was "terracotta" but was quite orange and didn't fit with the beams in the roof. He is sending some color cards by bus tonight so we can choose a better color tomorrow.

Workers have started the outside stairs between the two levels and the walkways . It will be nice to not have to climb the hillsides!
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  1. Progress, progress!!! it sounds like things are going pretty well. Did you get the new paint? I was thinking today was Sunday and your truck should be arriving, but it is only Friday. We just got back from Ontario, so feel like it has been a long weekend...and the weekend is just beginning. Lots of wind coming down the gorge, so saw lots of windsurfers and quite a few kite surfers around Rufus. Amazing...and scaring. We saw one guy go up about ten feet in the air. Trent said you really have to be able to control the kites to keep from being blown onto the rocks...or the freeway! Please, please, be careful!!!!!!

  2. I think our biggest fear here is being blown up the coast, and not ending up where you began. Fortunately, there are many moto-taxis ready and willing to take you back to your beginning spot!