Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13 July 2010

I went into Mancora, the tourist town in the area, to return a fan we had bought in April which decided to quit working. As I approached the store manager, she mumbled that there was no guarantee....but...I showed her the receipt she had given me indicating that there was a six month guarantee. She told me to come back in tomorrow. Either they will have repaired it or they should give me a replacement.

The other advantage of going into Mancora is a bakery that has Chiabata bread. It is wonderful stuff; and today I happened upon it fresh out of the oven. I ate two rolls on the way home!

Next door to the appliance store, there is this little restaurant. These chickens were either caged in the cylinders or tethered. I thought of the restaurants you go into where they have the lobsters in the tank; you choose your dinner. I wondered if this was the same deal.
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