Thursday, July 15, 2010

15 July 2010

Things have been pretty quiet out at the property. José and Chino continue to work in the pool. A lot of the tile has been laid; and there is still a bunch to go.

Chimo, the carpenter was back today. He was working on putting the trusses up for the third bungalow. He will then put the vents in the roofs for all three bungalows. His last job will be to lay the wood for the deck around the pool.

Other carpenters were varnishing the columns and struts for the terrace. It´s all looking really nice. Hopefully in the next week, the roofer from Piura will come and install the three tab composite roof.

We are still waiting for the screens for the doors and the upper sections along the roof. The screens were ordered from Ecuador...and hopefully the remainder of the materials will arrive in the next week.

The kitchen counter top is also supp0sed to be in Lima by this next week. It shouldn´t take too much longer to get it sent up here. The false ceiling in the kitchen has run into some snags, as the hood for the stove is much heavier than they anticipated. This then changes the bracing; but so far nothing has happened to see how it has been resolved.

Both of us are very anxious to move in. The foreman and some of the workers on the job have told me they will be totally finished with the job by the end of the month. After 8 months, it is hard to imagine not having to take food out to them, or having them working around the property. I still think it will take them longer than the end of the month to finish everything. Time will tell. It will be what it will be. Regardless, it is a huge project reaching it´s final stages.

Thank goodness Doug returns on Saturday. I know I am very capable of taking care of things in his absence, but we signed on as a partnership. I am really looking forward to his return! I truly think we are stronger as a couple than individuals....even if he doesn´t speak the language!!
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  1. Wow! Looks like it is coming together at last. Can't wait to see the pictures of the granite in the kitchen You said the tiles come in sheets...can they lay the sheets or do they have to lay each individual tile by hand? I'm assuming they had to lay the bigger tiles underneath that we see in the picture and are putting the blue tiles over the top.

    Glad Doug will be home Saturday and things are improving for his day. I'm know you miss him.

  2. The small tiles for the pool come in arrays glued onto a sheet about a foot square. These sheets are then pressed into the mortar which attaches them directly to the cement finish of the pool. Once the mortar dries, they can go back, remove the sheet, and grout it.