Thursday, July 22, 2010

22 July 2010

Wow! The entire pool has now been tiled! José and Chino began peeling off the paper backing to expose the tile. They should be grouting soon!

Workers have also finished the stairway going up from the parking area to the ¨reception¨ terrace. They have laid out and are preparing to pour the terrace and the stairs going off to the left in the picture.

Painters are working on the bungalows which are looking really nice. The electrician has pulled the wiring for the house and has installed many of the plugs and switches. The plumber has been working on the pool and the water lines. Other workers are sealing the deck around the pool, or tiling the floor in the last bungalow.

We spent much of the day with a technician from Piura who came to check out the generator. He and the electrician consulted and tried out various electric appliances in the house to be sure it was all working. The generator will be set up to run the pumps for the pool. It will also automatically kick on if there is not enough power being produced by the solar panels. Fortunately, everything checked out.

Koki will arrive tonight with a truck that is supposed to have all of the supplies needed to finish our house. He will arrive with 10 additional workers. I´m hoping this means we´re going to have one last big push to completion.

I have been feeling quite discouraged in the last week. Progress has been so slow and it feels like we lost a week when the monkey died. We were to have guests arriving this weekend for their winter holiday, but had to tell them we couldn´t accomodate them. We did offer to find other accomodations, but this next week is a big one as the 28th of July is Peru´s independence day. Most of the hotels and hostels have been booked for months.

My daughter, Mandy, arrives in Peru on the 29th, next Thursday. We will spend a couple of days in Lima with Maximo and his family. Then we'll head east and a bit south to Arequipa which is a beautiful historic city on the edge of the mountains. It is also where much of the alpaca that is sold around the world is processed. Of course, we will be visiting the factory store for yarn!


  1. I'm assuming you had pictures....mine didn't come through. I used my imagination =). It will be so nice to have Mandy there. It will be interesting when she see Maximo and family. Hope all goes well for her.

    Ariquipa is a beautiful city. Take pictures and post them. I would be interested in seeing what it looks like now. Put Mandy on it...maybe she'll take up photography along with her other art! Who's watching her cats while she's gone and how long will she be with you. I'd love to see your place through her eyes.

    Don't be is going to happen. It's better taking a little extra time and be sure things are right rather than rush. It will happen!!!!! =) =) =) (That's for extra support and smiles for you.)

  2. Oh how I love you! You always made me feel better when I was down, and this is no exception! Yes, it will be what it will be and all will be well in the end.