Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wow, today was a busy day! There were 27 workers out at the property today. Koki was really trying to get things ready for us to move in on Thursday.

Workers were installing the jacuzzi, and had the terrazo compound ready to fill in around it. The stairs to connect the dining room and living room; the master bedroom to the studio arrived. The wood for the lattice roofs over the terraces arrived as did the aluminum railings for the terrace and the stair railings. Painters were painting the walls throughout the two buildings. The false ceiling in the master bath was put into place and was being finished. Preparations were being made to install the false ceiling in the kitchen as well.

Meanwhile José and his crew were in the pool. The side walls are almost completely tiled and the end walls are now ready to receive tile. I can only imagine the patience these guys have...they just keep plugging away!

The work on the bungalows continues as well. It won´t be too long before these are ready for guests.

The hardest job fell to Juana, our cook. She called me this morning to increase the amount of groceries. Once I got out there, it turned out she also needed more pots and dishes to feed this crew. By the time I had made the second trip to town for these items, and returned, workers were ready for lunch. Juana and Sanchez were doing their best to get food out to the workers. It would have been nice to have had a head´s up so much of this could have been taken care of yesterday.

There has been no real news as to Doug´s dad. He has been on life support since his heart attack on Saturday. The family has deferred any decision until all of the kids could get there. Sonya and her husband were in Italy on vacation, and Max was vacationing in Costa Rica. Apparantly, the doctors pulled some strings with the airlines to reroute people so everyone could be there today. It sounded like they would say their good-byes and pull the plug. I haven´t heard whether this took place and/or what happened.

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