Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13 July 2010 part 2

Things were relatively quiet out at the property today. I didn't actually count the number of workers, but it was close to ten. Ramon, the head foreman, was laying out the walkways and stairs leading to the bungalows on the ocean side of the property. Two of the bungalows are ready for the toilets, sinks and showers to be installed. Windows and doors for them are supposed to arrive this Thursday. The third bungalow lags behind...it is still getting the final concrete finish on the walls. I imagine the floor will be poured in the next couple of days, and then it will be ready for the tile to be laid.

Jose and Chino continue laying tiles in the pool. They just keep plugging away. What a huge expanse it is...don't think I really want to know how many square feet of tile is being laid. I'm just looking forward to swimming in my pool; swimming laps which you can't do in most other private pools.

Chimo has finished the roof across the terrace between the kitchen/dining room and the master bedroom. It has a different feel to it being covered, but it is still one of the most spectacular spots in the entire house. Chimo should return mid-week to install the wood for the decking around the pool. Another worker will arrive this week to put the tar-paper and three-tab on the roof. The only roof that may not be ready for him will the 3rd bungalow; but it should be close.

The plan today was to go to the property and start moving things into place. I loaded up some things from our room in Vichayito at Jay's and took them out to the property. Once there, though, I realized that anything I unloaded into the buildings would likely be in the way of something. Workers still need to build the railings for the stairs and the terrace; the wires have been pulled but the plugs and switch plates aren't in place yet. There will have to be some touch up painting before all is said and done. So, once again, I need to remind myself to have patience. We are close to moving in. Just not ready yet.

Doug's dad is doing amazingly well. He is lucid most of the time and conversing with family. He is out of ICU and into a rehabilitation setting where he will receive both mental and physical therapy. No decision has been made as to what happens next; much will depend on his progress in rehab. It is amazing what medical science can offer; most of us didn't think Hal would survive.
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