Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 july 2010

Oh, computer geeks of the world. Tell me why it is such a hassle to blog each night. It seems like I am needing to reboot every few hours just to get on line. And then half the time, things don't load. Tonight...for example, I tried to blog from Picasa which downloads photos. It kept telling me I needed to be connected to the internet; which, of course, I was. So, I tried to go directly to the blog to download my pictures, but so far nothing. Oh, the frustration of modern technology!

Nothing too unusual about today. There are still close to 30 workers on site which means a lot is getting done. It also means our cook is working her ass off and not getting compensated for it. I talked with her today and realized I had forgotten to pay her for June. When I pay here tomorrow, I will add another 50% to her pay as she has been cooking for 30 in a camp kitchen. At the outset, she was told the maximum number of workers would be 15. I have no problem paying her extra; she is worth every penny and has done an incredible job.

The primary maestro, Ramon, told me today he thought the construction would be completed by the end of July. I trust his judgement as he is in the trenches and knows what is left to do. With the 30 workers on site, a lot has been happening. I told Koki I would like to begin to move in next Tuesday. I will still sleep here at Jay's, but I want to begin to set up house. Hopefully by the time Doug gets home from the US, he will be able to come "home."

Truly, any of you computer wizards out there, help me out. This is getting frustrating. I tried to download photos tonight, but none managed to make it through the ethernet.

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