Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

Sorry to have missed blogging in the last week or so...I've had connectivity and/or functionality problems. Sometimes all works well; other times it seems nothing loads and nothing cooperates.

Doug's dad is now off of all life-support machines with the exception of a breathing machine which is ensuring that he gets deep enough breaths.
He is not fully conscious but is responding to touches and voices. In the next couple of days the doctors will take him off of the breathing assist and see how things go. He may soon be moved to a rehabilitation center for mental and physicaly therapy. There is still a lot up in the air.

Meanwhile, lots has been happening out at the property. As you can imagine with 30+ workers, things are coming together. The stairs between the dining room and the living room; and between the bedroom and studio are now in place. The banisters are on site as are the workers to put it all together. The banisters are of aluminum and will have a glass panel below them. These will be put into place along the stairs, across the dining room and the outside terrace, continue across the bedroom and down those stairs into the studio.

Workers have been putting a rubbery-like surface around the edge of the jacuzzi. It's a non slip surface and feels like cork. Once this is in place, they will be able to set the jacuzzi in place and hook up the water and electricity. The jucuzzi is a two seater; and we've been told the orientation will be so we can look out over the ocean as we luxuriate in its warmth! This may be one of the most pampering experiences as I think the master bedroom has the best view in the whole house!

Other workers have been installing the false ceilings in the master bath and the kitchen. The one in the master bath mirrors the wood floor. It definitely changes the appearance of the bathroom area. The marble countertop is here and it is stunning. I can't wait until it is installed and the glass sinks are situated atop of it. It's all coming together!!

The false ceiling in the kitchen is also in place. This one is a bit more problematic for me though as the suspention structure is a bit intrusive on the visual aspect. I don't have an alternative though. We shall see how it all looks when the exhaust hood for the stove is in place.

I've been faced with a bit of food for thought in the last few days. The day after Doug left, I went into town to do the grocery shopping as usual, delivered them as usual. Then I came back into town to buy groceries for myself and ended up buying candy, a beer (at 11:00 in the morning) to drink as I had forgotten to bring water. I came back to the room and slept for several hours. Then I fixed myself an entirely unhealthy dinner and sat around until all hours of the morning watching episodes of Dexter. I still haven't figured out if this is a self-destructive binge or taking advantage of my independence to indulge myself.

I was honored to see a huge pod of dolphins traveling south along the surf line the other morning. There must have been at least thirty of them casually moving along the shorline; no particular hurry, just mosying along. Incredible.
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  1. Ah my dear friend, you deserve a little self indulgence once in awhile. A little candy, an unhealthy dinner (one), and some mindless tv is just OK once in awhile. You have been pushing hard to get this house're always on top of things. You really truly deserve a little down time.

    We saw windsurfers as we came down the gorge...maybe I told you. Whoa, watching those guys was scary but beautiful. Keep the flips to a minimum for awhile, OK?

    Good to hear things are improving for Doug's dad. It's amazing how resilient a body can be. Do you know when Doug will be back?

    The dophins sound cool! I just talked to my eye doctor about Peru yesterday. He is going on a medical mission to Uribamba (in a valley not far from Cusco.) There is a couple there that have set up a clinic and bring doctors in to treat the people. His partner works with correcting cross-eyeness in babies. He has had to learn more as many of his patients are adults that didn't have treatment available as children. He has made to chart new information for adjusting adult muscles. Sounds pretty cool. I'd not have been surprised if he had been going to your area...the world gets awfully small sometimes.

    Hope you're doing OK. Our thoughts are with you and Doug.