Friday, January 8, 2010

8 January 2010

Today was a very quiet day. We took the groceries and water out to the property for the cook. The workers were filling the footings with concrete. We've been told that all the concrete work will be done in a month and a half. After that we will be looking for tile, fixtures, granite, etc for the second phase of the building.
We came back to our room and Doug played games on the computer and took a siesta. I began a new project; making a quilt top. Right now we only have sheets on our bed, and no where else to sit so we'd like to be able to cover the bed. Hopefully we will find some chairs and a small table so there is somewhere else to sit. We don't want to buy something temporary, but something that we will be able to use in our home.
This evening we shared dinner with Jay. Shortly thereafter, Garrett showed up for a visit. Garrett is from Ireland and his wife is Peruvian. They live within the same development as Jay. Every day we are meeting more people and feel more at home here. Vichayito is an international community with people from many parts of the world. El Nuro is much more native and certainly more off the beaten path.
Early to bed tonight.

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