Friday, January 29, 2010

28 January 2010

Today I let Karen sleep in after a stressful day in Talara.

I went into Organos and stopped in front of the little market we have been shopping for the crew, I called for the owner and gave him my list. I then drove back around to the water store and loaded 25 gallons of water. Then back to the grocery market where my order was waiting for me to pick-up. I paid the bill and was gone in less than 1 minute.

On the way to the property I saw an iguana on the rode, it was about a foot and a half long and as big around as my wrist. Jay says there is a larger iguana living in a bush on the side of his property, but we haven't seen it yet.

I arrived at the property to a busy work crew, a load of bricks and a nice day. Part of the crew (5) men are still trying to dig one meter down for the mechanical room for the pool. The pool is (4ft.) 1.2 meter deep and in solid rock. These guys are digging with picks and drill pins driven into the rock with 20 pound double jacks. This room will house the generator, pumps and filters for the pool. Three men are working the re-bar for the roof of the battery storage room and bedroom for the maid. The concrete roof will be poured on Friday. Two men are still drilling footings for the dining room-bar area. These guys are working extremely hard everyday.

I only needed to make one water run today since I made a run late yesterday.

On the way back to Jay's I stopped at El Refugio to see Natalie since she had borrowed our Internet stick. Caroline and I went back to El Refugio at 12:30 so the Caroline and Melany could ride the horses. The girls rode into Organos and back, during the time that they were riding I had a message from a spinal specialist. My back feels much better finally. When the girls got back, Natalie and I got on the horses for about 15 minutes to do a little training. I then got a lead rope on the baby horse and did some ground work with her. Melany and Caroline are both wanting to learn how to start a young horse. We did some softening exercises, picked up all of the feet and did some lead training.

Lupe and her friends, who wanted to come to work for us asked for a meeting at 4:00 this afternoon, We met with them and Karen told all four that we had decided not to hire anyone. There are only two of us and this is our home. At the most I might hire a maid one day a week. Lupe and her fusband then asked for a ride into Vichayito so that they could look for a job while they walked back to Mancora. Lupe has been quite ill and missed a substantial amount of time at work. Her employer cut her back to half days and then will let her go on the 15th of February. Her reasoning was that if she rehired Lupe after such an absence, she would have to extend the same opportunity to all the workers.

Jay, Caroline, Karen and I all went to Jim and Daniella's home for home-made pizza and drank a lot of beer and wine. Karen and I finally got up at midnight and went home.

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  1. I"m glad you have horses around to work with, Doug. I know how much you love them and how good you are with them.

    I hope your service area gets done so you have a place to store all your things. I'm sure once the excavating is done, the rest will go fairly quickly. That bedrock is certainly slowing things down. What are you going to use for the roof instead of thatch?

    How is Stormy adjusting? I'm sure she is a joy for you all.

    Thanks for adding your "two cents", Doug...nice to hear both of your views.

    Hugs to you!