Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5th of January

This morning we drove up to the property to see what progress had been made. The large excavation for the swimming pool was done by large machinery. They encountered a couple of rocks that wouldn't budge and had to use dynamite to break them up. All of the other excavation has been done by hand.
So far they have excavated for the footings for much of the upper level; in the service building, kitchen, and master bedroom. The architect told us that the cement factory had been shut down for much of December and so he was not able to proceed as quickly as he had hoped. The crew is arriving tomorrow to resume work after the holidays.

Doug and I then went to Talara to the Claro store. Claro is our internet provider and for some reason, it wasn't working over the weekend. As it turned out, they had cut service because they didn't receive a payment due December 26. However, I paid for two months before we left for the states. Unfortunately, I didn't think to bring the receipt for payments of those two months with us so I had to pay for the month to resume service.

We had also hoped to find a small table and a couple of chairs so that we would have some place other than the bed to sit and a place to put our computer. Everything we saw was either overstuffed living room furniture or cheesy plastic tables with four chairs. All in all, it wasn't a very successful trip.
Jay, our landlord, fixed dinner and invited some of his friends to meet us. Bill and Daniella are from the Yukon territory in Canada. Bill works for a mine moving equipment and Daniella is a heavy equipment operator. The bought some property nearby three summers ago and have been building it bit by bit as they spend their winters here. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed them immensely. Dinner was served on the rooftop overlooking the beach, ocean and homes directly on the front. The sun went down and it was quite lovely; sunset, good food, and good people.
Still no word on when Stormy will arrive.

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