Thursday, January 7, 2010

7th January

Once again this morning we shopped for groceries, got water and headed out to the property.
So far, we figure the average cost of feeding the workers and paying the cook per day to be about $17. That works out to be about 60 cents a day per worker for three meals. Amazing!
We did a little bit of shopping for ourselves on our way back to our room. Once again, we met up with Mapi and EunHee for lunch. They were leaving on the bus this afternoon going to Piura so they wanted a last chance to visit.
At the restaurant, three more of our friends joined us. Lucia and her husband and son lived at Semana Chakra, a hotel where we've stayed in the past. They are no longer working or living there, so it was nice to touch base and know where they were living. The are in temporary quarters until a house becomes available in Los Organos.
We did receive a call from the moving company here in Peru who will handle the delivery of our container and take it through customs. She had some mis-information; Doug was in country to continue his business and she wanted documentation for these contracts. When I told her we were retired, weren't in business, she was quite concerned. Things weren't right. She called a few minutes later to ask if we were diplomats. I'm sure there are several moving companies involved in the transfer of the container, but it would be much more comforting to know they are all on the same page.
We're back at the room, stuffed full and a bit tired. I'll have a Spanish class via the internet tonight, and then it will probably be bedtime.
Still no word on Stormy. The airlines are being real sticklers about documentation. All we can find in Peruvian documents about the importation of a pet is that it will cost us $10 and the pet needs a health certificate. I wonder whose palm is being greased.

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