Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 January

This morning was the usual; shopping for the groceries and water needed by the workers out at the property. We found out that the wood they needed for the forms for the swimming pool was a problem. There wasn't any wood available locally, and the contractor wasn't able to find any in Tumbes either. The architect will have to buy it in Chiclayo and then bring it down Monday or Tuesday next week.
The workers today were working on putting the rebar between the footings and digging out the back walls for the second level of the kitchen/living room and the master bedroom/studio. Watching them today, I had a new appreciation of manual labor. These guys worked hard; shoveling dirt, rocks, etc. out of a hillside into a wheelbarrow and carting it off. Over and over again. I'm curious as to how much these guys actually earn, but I suspect they earn about S/.30 a day. This works out to be about $10 a day. And their days are at least 10 hours.
This afternoon we went down to El Refugio to sit by their pool and enjoy the sunshine and the pool. The sun is so intense down here that we didn't spend more than an hour poolside.
Once back up to the room, we build a mosquito net frame over our bed with PVC pipe and hung the net. Hopefully tonight when I go to bed with a head lamp to read, the bugs won't be in my face!
We finally got word today that our dalmatian will arrive on Monday night. What a major hassle!
The breeder had numerous documents that needed to be presented, in English as well as Spanish. Finally all is in place and she will arrive Monday night. I need to be in Lima early enough to pay the fees at customs, and arrange to pick her up that night. Hopefully all will go well. I will stay with Maximo's family while in Lima.

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