Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 January 2010

Today's Blaine's birthday. Happy Birthday Critter!

Out at the property this morning the building crew was pouring the cement wall at the back of the lower level of the master suite. The forms were built around the rebar mesh from the other day. There were five guys in continuous motion. They would get a 5 gallon bucket full of cement from the mixer, hoist it up on their shoulder, and walk it over to the top of the form and pour it in. One guy after the other. Every once in a while, they'd fill the buckets with sand, gravel, cement and water to keep up with the supply needed. Sorry, no pictures of this process I forgot to return the card to the camera yesterday.

Doug and Caroline went horseback riding today. Caroline is a high school friend of Jay's who is staying here for the next month. Her family has a ranch outside of Edmonton. They had a great ride inland from the beach.
Later this afternoon, we spotted the vermillion flycatcher as we were sitting on the patio out in front of Jay's. The picture doesn't show how bright a red ths guy is; stunning.
Tonight Jay, Caroline, Doug and I are going into Mancora for dinner. I don't care for Mancora very much as it is THE destination for tourists in this area. There are tons of restaurants in Mancora so the competition is stiff; the really good ones survive, the others change owners frequently.

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