Thursday, January 7, 2010

6th of January

Juanita, the cook, gave us list for groceries yesterday for today's meals. This will be our daily routine; go to the market and get the groceries and water for the construction crew for the day and deliver them out to the property. They do not have any refrigeration available; just a simple two burner stove that runs off a tank of gas and a "counter" about 4 feet in length made of planks of rough wood. I was so amazed she could just jump in and cook a meal for 10 at a moments notice with what was there.
Our friends Mapi and EunHee invited us to lunch so we found a nice restaurant in Los Organos right on the beach. We ate ceviche (raw fish cured in lime juice), and langostas (Peruvian version of lobster.) We share a great meal, beer and a lot of laughs. Both girls are so much fun!
After lunch, we needed to take a battery that had been charging in town out to the job site. Mapi and EunHee went with us. We then took a walk along the beach to the south of our property. The tide was still fairly high, so we had to negotiate a few points of rocks. Approximately a kilometer south is a cave, the same one you see as my profile photo. We scratched our names into the cave ceiling and enjoyed chasing the crabs and playing in the water. The scratching of names is traditional here and you can see many names there. The ones we scratched there in September have been washed away.
After our afternoon romp, we retreated to our rooms for a shower and rest before meeting up with the girls again for dinner. We treated them to a genuine Italian restaurant in Mancora. The man who owns it is such a character and always greets us enthusiastically. His Peruvian wife is much quieter but has a beautiful smile if you can get one out of her. Each time we go in there, she warms up just a bit more. They have a four year old daughter that enjoys the attention of diners and is so fun to interact with.
We were back in our room by 10 p.m. and ready to crash.

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