Wednesday, January 27, 2010

26th January 2010

We took two trips out to the property with food and water. Our architect, Koki, was there with the engineer and we had a chance to discuss some changes with him. First of all, we are going to put in some glass blocks on the exterior walls of the master bathroom to give it more natural light. We also talked about changing the roof material from the thatch to something that would fit the more modern style of the house. Koki said he would send us some specifics. We also talked about moving the cistern to a different location. They are finding the property very difficult to excavate as it is very rocky, so they wanted to put the cistern somewhere where this wouldn't be such an issue. They have also modified the septic system plan. The ground doesn't absorb enough liquid so they will have to go out toward the road where there's more fill. We also discussed the glass walls and windows. The first meter from the floor will be solid glass and the next panels will slide open and have screens. As hot as it gets here, we want to be sure there is enough circulation to keep things as cool as possible.

The workers had poured the columns for the service zone. We need to have this area completed by the 10th of February when our container is supposed to arrive. We will have to unload the container and store everything in the service building until the rest of the house is ready.

The plumber was working on the plumbing for the pool this morning; laying the pipe the would go underneath the pool itself. The workers also began placing the forms for the columns and plan to pour the concrete roof on the battery storage and the servants quarters on Friday. We took them out to dinner in Mancora and had a good meal.

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