Friday, January 15, 2010

15 Januay 2010

Several times in writing this blog, I have talked about how we complicate our lives. Getting this dalmatian from the US and importing her to Peru was certainly a complication. However, now that all the documents are done, and filed in the proper offices, and she is free of customs, she is a delight. Yes, in many ways she requires additional considerations in our life; but she is such a delight. She is so affectionate and so willing to learn it all seems destined to be. We took her to the market today; there were many new sounds, smells and things to take in, she seemed a bit overwhelmed. She keeps close to our side and seems very comforted by that. Being the newbie on the block, many of the other dogs initially bark at her. She is a bit frightened by them, but she handles it well. Once they know her, I don't think it will be a problem. I took her to the beach this afternoon for a walk. She wasn't quite sure what to think about the waves coming into the sand where she was standing. We started to run along the beach though and she really enjoyed the interplay of water, sand and wind. She met a friend on the beach; a weimerand (sp?) who approached to investigate. They both wanted to play, but Stormy was limited by the leash. I'm very reluctant to let her off leash until I know she will respond to a command from me.
This morning when we went to the market to get food and water for the workers, we went to the same market that Sanchez took us to. We give them our list of provisions and they fill it. This little stall outside of the main market has most everything you could want. The advantage to this stall over the others is that they deal with large quantities of potatoes, rice, lentils and have fresh veggies as well. Each day, Juana, our cook out at the property, gives me a list of the things for the next day. I don't think she can read or write, but each day a list is tucked in the bamboo wall of the "kitchen" that lists the things needed for the next day. I can take this list to the stall and the proprietors will complete the order and send me on.
The number of workers at the property has increased to 11. They have poured the foundation for the service building and are building up from there for the walls. They have the footings for the master suite dug and put rebar grids in the bottom. They are then ready to pour the concrete footings for the master suite. I am amazed at how much they accomplish each day. The ground is full of rocks and isn't the easiest to excavate. These guys do it by hand. Day in and day out!
Because we now have 11 workers, the amount of water consumed each day has increased. Today we bought another 30 gallon can for water. Up to this point, they have had two 20 gallon cans that we've filled daily for drinking water and cooking water. As the number of workers increased so did their demand for water. As of today, we are taking close to 60 gallons of potable water out to the property each day.
As we say here, poco a poco. The construction progresses a little each day.

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