Friday, January 22, 2010

22 January 2010

Today was a great day. We went out to see the progress on the house and they had laid the bricks for the second lift of the service area. They had also built the rebar reinforcement for the wall at the back of the studio and the forward end of the master bedroom. Each day there is more progress. It is exciting to see. This is the stage of construcion that seems to go quickly and then it seems to slow down when the finish work happens.

As we were looking things over this morning, be saw a flamingo on the side of the road just below our property. What a beautiful bird! The guardian for the property said this was the first time he had seen a flamingo. Generally they don't appear in this part of Peru. They are more common in the south around Paracas, or in the Amazon area. This one bird created quite a stir as the grape vine informed the locals, they all came out to see it.

This afternoon, we put Stormy on a long rope and took her down to the beach. We played in the waves and the long rope gave her some freedom to move about. She still wasn't entirely comfortable in the water. Doug picked her up a few times and walked her into the backwash. He would then drop her into the water as the next wave came in. She ran for shore, but it seemed like she got more comfortable each time. We have been training her to heel, sit, and come. She is very intelligent and picks it up easily. She has also been trained to stay out of the kitchen. We find her a joy; very intelligent, affectionate and fun to have around.

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