Saturday, January 30, 2010

30 January 2010

We were awakened early this morning with a phone call from Sanchez out on the property. They were out of propane and needed more to cook breakfast. So, we were up and out early. We had one tank in the truck, but assumed there was a second tank. As it turned out, there was a second tank but it was empty as well.
Once out there, we were able to see the completed pour for the roof. The forms around the edges have been removed so we were able to get a sense for how it will look. The supports underneath will remain up for about 10 days so the concrete can cure. Then they will come in and pour the floor. Hopefully all this will be done by the time our container arrives so we will have a place to store our stuff.

My body has been feeling seriously out of whack lately. The Peruvian diet is definitely different than what we are used to. It is very heavy on the starch; a meal often including rice and potatoes in much larger portions than meat or veggies. In the last week or so, we have been eating out with friends rather than cooking for ourselves. Sure enough the diarhea struck this morning and I decided to lay down after getting back to our room. The next thing I knew it was 5 p.m.; I had slept for 7 hours! That's what I meant; seriously out of whack.

Doug went for a horseback ride this afternoon and enjoyed his time with them. It's really wonderful he is able to continue to work with horses. He doesn't mind not having to do chores either.

We will be traveling to the Galapogos Islands next week! Georg and Nathalie have made all the arrangements; we travel to Guayaquil, Ecuador by car, then fly to the island of Santa Cruz and have a five day, four night cruise of the islands. I am really excited. It is one destination I have always wanted to visit and now have the opportunity.

A quiet night tonight. Jay, Caroline, Doug and I sat out front and watched the sunset. Had a good dinner and then relaxed in our room.

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  1. Is that Georg's house behind yours in the top picture? Glad you are going to get to use his house. It will be nice to have your own space and to be there watching what is happening. It's taking shape!

    Hope you're feeling better, Karen. Sounds like your body thought you needed the sleep. Please stay well, both of you!